I Have The Worst Tattoo Ever (it was my BF's revenge) | This is my story

I Have The Worst Tattoo Ever (it was my BF's revenge) | This is my story

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Hey guys, my name is Valery and the love of my life turned me into a monster.

From the very first years of our lives, me, Cohen, and Franklin were inseparable. We’d have competitions, we’d go camping, we experienced everything together. And when we were in the woods in front of a bonfire telling scary stories, we promised each other that no one would tear us apart. I guess neither of us imagined that things would turn out this way. Especially me.

During our teenage years, it turned into a love story but not a very pretty one. Just before our high school senior year, we decided that it would be nice to spend the last summer day camping.

We were preparing our tents when I saw that mine was broken. And that led to the most awkward moment as Cohen and Franklin both said at the same time, “You can sleep in mine.” I told them I’d decide in the evening and we went along with our usual routine. Cohen prepared the bonfire while Franklin and I went to search for some berries. We were walking around when he stopped, ran his fingers through my hair, leaned a little bit closer and kissed me. I heard my heart beating like a drum.

After a couple of hours when we were already full and sitting on logs, it was obvious that the whole atmosphere between us had changed. I think Cohen noticed it as he said “good night” in this really sad, devastated voice and went to sleep. While us, well, we had the sweetest and most romantic night of our lives.

We started dating after that. I was in love with my best friend! What else could I want?

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