10 Children With Real Superpowers

10 Children With Real Superpowers

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10 Children With Real Superpowers

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What if we told you that a lot of the superpowers comic book superheroes possess really do exist in real life?
Yes. Believe it or not, superpowers are not just the works of fiction TV series and comics. There are some folks in the world who are imbued with special abilities which their peers can only dream of.
Of course, these special abilities will seem trivial compared to the overly dramatic superpowers you see in comic books. But under the right circumstances and with a better understanding of their exceptional capabilities, these real-life superpowers have the potential to manifest in a greater way than you can imagine.
And what better opportunity to learn how to control a superpower than when it appears in childhood? Sure, not all superpowers will manifest in a superhero’s childhood. But every superhero has an origin story and this is the story of 10 children with real superpowers.
Number 3 is out of this world!

#10. Nong Youhui - Night vision
This young boy from a remote village in China was born with sky-blue eyes; like those of a Siamese cat. His parents have black colored eyes as did their parents before them. As such, everyone was amazed to see that their son, Nong Youhui, had brilliant blue eyes.
What’s remarkable is that the boy’s eyes turn a reflective neon green when a light is flashed on them. You only see this characteristic in cats and other nocturnal animals. But Nong Youhui, like cats, is able to see in the dark.
In nocturnal animals, enhanced night vision is made possible by a layer of specialized cells at the back of the eyes which act as “retroreflectors.” Basically, this means that any light that goes through the eye is reflected back through the retina thereby presenting additional light for illuminating things in the dark.
While Nong Youhui lacks these specialized cells, he does have the ability to see in very small quantities of light. This was proven in a test in which the boy had to fill out a questionnaire while sitting in a dark room.

#9. Broc Brown – Incredible Hulk
This kid from Michigan was 5ft 2in when he was still in kindergarten. At the age of 19, the boy measured an imposing 7ft 8 in. But most remarkably, Broc Brown never did stop growing. His growth rate was measured at 6in per year.
You’d need a stool if you wished to take his measurements.
If you are a fan of Dr. Bruce Banner, you immediately think of “the Hulk” when you see how remarkably tall and heavily built Broc Brown is. The boy is soft spoken and has a big heart; nothing like Bruce Banner’s alter-ego; Hulk.
Unfortunately, unlike Dr. Banner, this kid cannot transform from giant to a regular-size teen. He’s always going to order size 28 shoes and tailor-made clothes. He’s always going to the tallest person in the room wherever he goes.

#8. Nikolai Kryaglyachenko – Magneto
Nikolai was just a regular kid in Russia and there was nothing you’d say was special about the boy. But everything changed when the 12-year-old was knocked out by a massive electric shock from a faulty wire dangling from the lamppost he had been leaning on.
The jolt of electricity from that shock almost killed him, but the boy survived. And later, it came almost as a relief when he realized that the accident had given him some sort of superpowers.
Metallic objects could stick on his skin as if he was Michael Fassbender, X-men’s Magneto.
The boy, who was a keen fan of comics, wanted to be a policeman but changed this career goal to a superhero after seeing that he had gained some super powers.
Quite an interesting story, but some scientists didn’t buy it. As far as they know, the boy simply has unusually sticky skin.
This boy can hold a frying pan up with no other contact but his chest, is that magnetism or really sticky skin?

#7. Deepak Jangra – Electro
You’ll see this boy from India touch a live wire with his tongue and think he must have a death wish. But the reality is that Deepak Jangra is able to withstand up to 11,000 VOLTS. This is the amount of electricity only accessible through a high-voltage overhead transmission line.
So, if a 110v or 240v shock can cause internal burning or fibrillation, imagine how much damage can be done by a supply that’s 100-times that of your normal household voltage.
But this kid doesn’t seem to get shocked or any form of damage from electricity. The first time he realised that he was able to withstand a lot of electric power flowing through his body he was excited and wanted to know how much electricity he could take.