Track Day at SEBRING RACEWAY...(My Racecar Caught FIRE!!)

Track Day at SEBRING RACEWAY...(My Racecar Caught FIRE!!)

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Well that was weird! A brake duct catching on fire!? We're still scratching our heads on that one. That material was supposedly fire retardant, but obviously that was not true. WOW!! The car will be alright after a little TLC and Randy was just fine. A little scary with the fire extinguisher not working properly. Could have had a much worse outcome. We're glad all is well with everyone and hey, makes for great YouTube excitement LOL. Thanks for watching!
Thank you to all the volunteers that do their best to keep us racers safe. You guys( and gals) are awesome!!
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The goblin is for sale! If you haven't seen the video go check it out.
It's time to pass on the fun... plus I need the money for a new daily. :-) I'm asking $25k OBO. With a few mods this thing would be perfect for rallycrosses. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time or the money to do it. It is perfect for anything off road as is! If you're interested in it and can give it a good home hit me up on IG or facebook Osborn9801 or just John Osborn on FB.

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