Deep Rock Galactic Beginner's Guide in 12 Minutes - Tips and Tricks

Deep Rock Galactic Beginner's Guide in 12 Minutes - Tips and Tricks

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Welcome to Deep Rock Galactic! This indie game is like a cross between Minecraft and Starship Troopers. Supporting co-op up to 4 players, you descend into alien infested undergrounds to collect valuable minerals. The core gameplay is that of a First Person Shooter, but you have abilities and gadgets that help break up the shooting.

You can choose from 4 Classes that are each unique and bring their own utility to the fight.
Deep Rock is one of the few games that makes it difficult to live without each of the classes.

The Engineer deploys a turret that will fire on enemies. It uses ammo and must be replenished but packs a punch. You can relocate the turret but it must be redployed in a new location. The platform gun allows the Engineer to create walkable terrain anywhere. At the making of this video the platforms also have no fall damage so you can use them as a landing pad. The platforms work great with the Scout who can grapple up to high places. It has proxy mines that help guard flanks and a LURE trap that taunts enemies.

The Scout is the most mobile of all 4 classes. It has a grappling hook that allows him to get around easily, and as we mentioned it works great with an Engineer placing platforms. While all dwarves have throwable flares to light up the dark caves, the Scout is the only one that can hook massive flares to any surface to fill a room with light. These flares can make fights much easier as enemies will come from anywhere including the ceiling. The Scout is more classic FPS sporting an Assault Rifle, Long Rifle, and a Shotgun or SMG. The Slow grenade and Freeze grenade can save the day in a pinch.

The Driller is one of my favorites as he can create tunnels anywhere he pleases. A flamethrower or cryo gun gives excellent AoE damage. Specialty grenades are best used for clearing terrain, but the Throwing Axe can deal nasty damage to weak spots of big bugs. The Power Drills give flexibile movement. You can drill up towards high veins. You can drill straight to an objective using your map. You can even drill out bunkers to fight inside of.

Lastly we have the Gunner. He's the big boy of the group. Carries heavy weapons with the Minigun or Autocannon. His shield grenades are clutch when you're overwhelmed and for rezzing a teammate. The Gunner's utility comes in the form of Ziplines that he can deploy across caverns that any dwarf can take advantage of. You can traverse up or down the ziplines, and can even hover midway to avoid attacks.

There are a variety of biomes and objectives to be challenged with in Deep Rock Galactic. These fall into categories of:

Mining: where you are asked to collect a specific mineral.
Egg Hunt: Where you hunt down and harvest alien eggs.
Salvage Operation: you must recover lost equipment from a previous team.
Point Extraction: a King of the Hill style extraction where you collect valuable crystals.
Elimination: You are tasked with taking out dangerous aliens.

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