10 Dairy Queen Facts That Will Make You Scream For Ice Cream

10 Dairy Queen Facts That Will Make You Scream For Ice Cream

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These are 10 Dairy Queen facts that will make you scream for ice cream. Dairy Queen's ice cream is the most popular of their menu items. Here are things you didn't know about Dairy Queen Ice Cream.
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Dairy Queen has earned its moniker for being the "queen" of all things ice cream - cakes, shakes, sundaes, and more! DQ could have been the inspiration for the children's chant "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream". So get ready for a blizzard of 10 Dairy Queen facts that will make you scream for ice cream. 

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0:00 Dairy Queen Facts That Will Make You Scream For Ice Cream
0:25 There Was A BlizzardMobile
1:34 Dairy Queen Used To Serve Fro-Yo
2:56 DQ Ice Cream In Over 30 Countries
4:47 Blizzards were A Hit From the Start
6:09 DQ Always Turn Blizzards Upside Down
7:31 DQ Invented Soft Serve Ice Cream 
8:57 The Curl On Top Is a DQ Trademark 
9:53 The Chocolate Dilly Bar 
11:18 The World's Largest Ice Cream Cake 
12:26 The World's Tallest Blizzard

- That's right, there was a mobile truck that drove around to cities in the United States and Canada handing out free blizzards!
- Unfortunately, frozen yogurt is no longer on the DQ menu because it seems not everyone liked it as much as their ice cream.
- Near and far you can find a DQ location for your favorite ice cream treats. And if you are in Texas, you really don't have to go very far to find one.
- The Blizzard came out in 1985 and immediately had a lot of success. It is their premier dessert and has been one of their most popular menu items for decades.
- Getting a blizzard at DQ is a different kind of experience! The employees will turn it upside down for you before they hand it over just to show off how thick it really is.
- You can thank ‘grandpa’ John Fremont McCullough and his son Alex for soft-serve ice cream! John and Alex were the first to come up with the formula for soft-serve ice cream.
- Who would have thought that the swirl on top of your soft-serve ice cream is actually a Dairy Queen trademark!
- The Dilly Bar is soft-serve ice cream on a stick with a Q swirl on top, in the shape of a circle, dipped in chocolate.
- They set out to break this record to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the ice cream cake, and wow Dairy Queen sure does know how to celebrate big!
- They celebrated the Blizzard's 20th birthday for the entire year and this might have just been the most epic celebration of them all. After all, what could beat a 22 foot tall Oreo Blizzard?

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