Top 10 Alligators Found in Swimming Pools!

Top 10 Alligators Found in Swimming Pools!

Top 10 Alligators Found in Swimming Pools!

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Top 10 Alligators Found in Swimming Pools

There are a few animals scarier than the alligator. After all, this beast is considered to be the largest reptile in North America, and with its toothy mouth and its ability to walk and swim...this animal can easily keep humans away. And not only that. This animal is also very smart. It has learned to use tools to lure its prey. They keep growing during their lifetime and sometimes they can be as big as 15 feet long and weigh over 1000 pounds. While many of us would prefer to stay away from these creatures, some unlucky people had to interact with them even when they were not looking for it. Today I’ll be showing you “10 Alligators Found in Swimming Pools.” Find out how these huge reptiles ended up in some people’s pools. Don’t be surprised if you see Florida mentioned more than one time! I’m sure anyone living there can tell you all about encounters with alligators. But I doubt anyone has a story as crazy as the one at the top of the list.

Let’s begin.

Alligator Rescue

Our first video takes place in….Florida, of course. I warned you! Florida is alligator land. The story began with a very brave alligator that decided to take a dip inside a family’s backyard pool. The animal had to be removed by a guy named Paul Bedard, who doesn’t seem to be afraid of these big reptiles. In fact, you can see he’s quite experienced as he’s not using any protective gear and still, he doesn’t seem afraid. Paul had to corner the 8-foot-long alligator until the animal finally got tired and Paul was able to close its jaws, give it a little...kiss and then picked it up and out of the pool and then he put the beast inside his truck. The animal was about 185 pounds, but Paul didn't seem to have a problem with that. He handled everything very professionally, with ease - it’s not the kind of rescue team I was expecting, but I guess you can expect this kind of action in a place like Florida.

Looking for a Golf Ball

The next story takes place very close to a golfing course. After a man lost one of his golf balls, he decided to go and check if the ball had landed in his backyard. However, the man didn’t find the golf ball. Instead, what he found was a huge 9-foot-long alligator that was lying at the bottom of the pool. Surely, it was a big surprise, but not the kind of surprise that would make the man run away. He immediately equipped himself with tools and was able to pull the alligator from the bottom of the pool. The animal was a bit reluctant, but he didn't have a chance at winning this battle. Once the alligator was out of the pool, the man had to drag the beast until he finally took it out of his property. It looks like the animal had gotten quite comfortable already!

Memorial Day Dip

Memorial Day is one of the most important holidays in the American calendar. This day is celebrated on the last Monday of May and it honors the men and women who died while fighting in the U.S. military. Since it’s a holiday that happens towards the beginning of summer, you can expect to see a lot of people gathering to go for a dip in the pool at their homes or they visit a pool in their area. But it seems like people are not the only ones who want to go for a swim. Back in 2017, a group was visited by an alligator who decided to join the pool party. The owners of the pool had to call the Sheriff’s office and ask for help. Of course, sheriffs are used to get calls on Memorial Day as there are tons of people breaking rules and a few pool parties that go out of control. However, this time they were called to help get the alligator out of the pool. The people who called said that the alligator was around 5 feet long, but when the authorities came over they realized it was actually around 8 feet! They found out it was a female gator and she did not seem happy about being removed from that pool.

Invasion of the Family Pool

One morning, a family came to find out that there was an alligator inside their pool. It wasn’t as big as the other alligators I’ve shown you, but it was very aggressive. When the specialist came, he realized the creature was about 6 feet long and pointed out that these small gators are more likely to bite compared to larger ones. And he was right. The animal tried to bite the guy a couple of times while he chased him underwater. When the gator was finally out of the water, he tried to bite the guy again and then jumped back in the water. The expert said that it was very important to sense how the animal feels and to act accordingly. Otherwise, things could get messy.
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