Living On $227K A Year In London, England | Millennial Money

Living On $227K A Year In London, England | Millennial Money

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Imani Change, 28, lives in London, England and earns $227,000 a year as a senior operations manager for a tech company. Imani moved from Baltimore to London last September and adjusted to a different cost of living. Her rent is much more expensive, but her groceries are significantly cheaper.

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Imani Change had a lifelong goal to live overseas. But she never imagined that within six months of moving to London from Baltimore, Maryland, in September 2019, she would find herself living and working abroad amid a pandemic.

For her, one of the hardest things about the coronavirus pandemic is being far away from loved ones, she tells CNBC Make It. It's been even harder with travel restrictions limiting visits.

"It definitely has transformed a lot of our connections with Facetime calls, Zoom happy hours … just finding remote ways to connect with folks," says Change.

Nevertheless, she says it was a "dream come true" when a work opportunity – along with a promotion and a generous salary – gave the 28-year-old the chance to move to London. She's worked for the U.S.-based tech company for more than five years, but for a long time she thought a role like senior operations manager was unattainable as a Black woman.

"I didn't really see people who looked like me doing this work," Change says. "And so, it was really just figuring out how do I get there? How do I grow with not only my role but as a leader? And how do I help other people also move into these spaces that maybe they don't see a lot of people who look like them?"

Now she's one of the youngest senior operations managers for her company in Europe, earning around $227,000 a year. She is paid both a base salary and restricted stock units, so the payout varies depending on the value of the stock and the amount of stock she is awarded each year.

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Living On $227K A Year In London, England | Millennial Money