Who Has the Most Powerful Weapon In The MCU

Who Has the Most Powerful Weapon In The MCU

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The Strongest Weapons In The MCU Ranked

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The MCU is FINALLY back up and running now that WandaVision has premiered. Phase 4 is on its way and it will bring new heroes, new villains and new weapons that will likely make everything we’ve seen thus far in the MCU as obsolete as your first cell phone. With so much on the way, this would be the perfect time to look back on some of the greatest weapons the MCU has had to offer. Most importantly, we need to decide who has the most powerful weapon of them all.

We’ll go through all the big weapons the series has to offer. This will range from the items our heroes use to take down bad guys and save the planet Earth. Thor’s magic hammer and axe, Cap’s indestructible shield, and Iron Man’s impressive wardrobe stitched together with nickel-titanium alloy. We’ll also cover T’Challa’s finest Panther threads, Ant-Man’s shrinking pajamas and the finest wings and bows the United States Military has to offer.

We’ll also cover what the villains were bringing to the table. Between Thanos’ magic glove, Ultron and the other Ultrons and Mysterio’s cool sunglasses, it’s kind of embarrassing for these bad guys that they ever lost a single fight.

So let’s jump right into the MCU’s past to figure out which weapon is truly the most powerful of them all. If you think you already know, I bet you’ll be surprised with what gets that #1 slot!

0:00 Intro
00:34 Thanos & The Infinity Gauntlet
01:37 Odin’s War Room
02:38 The Many Weapons of Thor
03:37 Ultron and the Ultrons
04:12 T’Challa’s Wakandan Wardrobe
04:51 Tony Stark’s House Party
05:50 Captain America’s Physics Defying Shield
06:28 Peter’s Spidey Suits
07:40 Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Santorum
08:47 Rocket’s Enforcer
09:32 The Pym Particles
10:47 Mysterio’s Accessories
11:55 Falcon’s Wings
12:56 Yondu’s Arrows
14:02 Hawkeye’s Quiver

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Michael Neeb
Edited by: Matthew Weinstein

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