Implementing Aqiqah for an Orphan in Gaza Strip

Published by : Aman Palestin
The Kefalah work is of the most valuable in life and the most rewarding in akhira, the life after.

Palestinian children who lost their farhers suffer alot of the feeling of deprivation and the absence of fatherhood,

But thanks to the kind hearted and generous sponsors and donors who sponsor the orphans in Palestine to help them gain part of the fatherhood feeling.

Today, staff of Aman Palestin, are implementing the Aqiqah sponsored by Latipa Bojeng on behalf of the child Mohammed Ghassan abu Dabag in the blessed days of the holy month of Ramadan.

And this is of the activities and facilities that the Kefalah Department in Palestine implements..

More and more orphans in Palestine are waiting for you to provide them with your help and assistance
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