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Racist Olympics
Racist Glasses
When you beat somebody up and you realize you got something in common.
Almost Thug life
When Instagram deleted fake accounts
Relationship Goals
Hood Alarm clock
Snapchat Selfies Can save you
Follow kingbach on IG @KingBach
When you get caught cheating...
When you look good in a picture and you don't care how anybody else looks
The translator w/ Justin Bieber
When you have embarrasing stuff in your phone
Breaking the internet w/KingBach
When people don't really want to fight
When your favorite song comes on at the gym
The sick robber
Broke on black friday
When your mom gives away all your thanksgiving left overs.
I mean it
When you want your crush to save you
I love myself
KingBach on TV
The charger games
When you forget to text bae but you realize you dont have a bea
Rappers are getting younger and younger
We all stupid
I always say goodbye first
Active games these days got me like
Getting ready for our main chick VS getting ready for your side chick
Plane flight boredom.
Gas money(electic car)
When you get caught lying to your friend
Black people find any reason to turn up
Scared guys
Booty had me like
When someone talks smack about your momma
The Setup(part 3)
Too many bitches...
Hanging out with your bae one-on-one VS hanging out with the homies
The next 1 million ppl to follow kingbach get a gift
Dumb criminals
Siri can get you killed
When you trip and your spaghetti falls out your pocket
Drive by killed my homies
The iphone bandit
Steve Oaki got curved
Driver has no idea
How I wish I recovered from tripping VS what really happend
Outsmarting thugs
When you're excited to try something until you actually try it
Getting mugged in the Hood VS Getting mugged in a White neighborhood
KingBach on TV AGAIN!
The nut cracker
When white boys go to the hood
Swagless at the VMA's
When white people shake hands
Parents turn up too
How to deal with racial profiling
Never let me play pool with your girl
How I feel when there is bad reception
Clear your throat
King bach on TV AGAIN
A mans favorite video game
Always save the J's
Hit her with the bug spray like...
Flat booty had me like...
When you see someone declining your call
Nicki Minaj has no manners
The BachStreet Boys
Ain't nobody want that whack ass cereal...
Failed dance battle
People be pluggin their IG like...
Rappers aren't really about that life they rap about...
The stingy friend
Gas money(part5)
The Subway Godfather
Lol WTF?
I'm on TV AGAIN!
Pilots always go down with their planes, not me tho
IG Kingbach
Gas moeny (part4)
Justin Bieber has my name saved in his phone as...
How I workout in new shoes
If their phone automatically connects to the Wi-Fi, you know they cheating.
The setup(part2)
Catching keys like Zach Efron
First black opera singer be like...
Pay ALL of whay you owe...
Dat Assss
Jay-Z got 100 problems now #Solange
Getting out of a situation using the race card
When somebody eats the food you hid in the fridge
Spanish music makes me crazy
Never give up the passcode
A yo mama lemme get yo number(part 8)
Thugs don't make any sense when they speak
Black films be like...
Waiting to find out if your screen is cracked is like waiting for results onMaury
You can't catch me
How they do that..
Camptain African-American
Where's my money?
People don't value your things as much as you do
You can't get me on april fools #IMPREPARED
Lightskin selfie tutorial
How People Try To Get Extra Insurance Money During Natural Disasters
People do anything to get likes...
These hoes ain't loyal
Dancing with the bae
Hood genie part 2
When you take a pic with someone and they don't tag you on Instagram
Never turn your back on your opponents
I couldn't get through this Vine at all LOL
Sore losers be like... I'll hide but don't seek me
Snowboarding like a boss...
When you accidentally kill your friend(part2)
Hood 3D glasses
When someone disrespects you in your own house...
When your girlfriend meets your side chick
It's gotta be those blue eyes
For just 1 bottle a day you can help these ashy African-Americans children.

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