Europe: Long-Term Travel & Schengen Rules

Published by : Christine Clark
IG/Facebook: gallivantinggaltravel
twitter: ggaltravel

In this video I will answer the following questions:
• What is the Schengen Region/Agreement/Visa?
• Who are the Schengen member countries?
• Who is required to have a Schengen Visa?
• What are the rules of the Schengen Agreement?
• What are the penalties for breaking the rules?
• Where do I go when I leave?
• Are there any exceptions or ways around the rules?

Countries who need a Schengen Visa:
Country entry exit requirements for US citizens:
Schengen days calculator:
Denmark Schengen rules:
Sweden visitor permit:
Lithuania medical insurance requirements:
Slovakia medical insurance requirements:
France long stay visa:
Italy visitor visas:
Germany self-employment/freelancer visa:
Czech Republic self-employment visa:
Article on long-term visa options by Nomadic Matt:
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