15 Animal Battles That Give You Goosebumps

15 Animal Battles That Give You Goosebumps

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The law of the jungle is killing or be killed, most of the time. It’s survival of the fittest. If you can’t hold your ground, you will not make it. All sorts of animals meet in the jungle and this sets up incredible battles. Some battles are quick and predictable, and others are long, arduous, and surprising. Have you ever seen a mongoose take on a snake? Or a shark fight an octopus?

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Hippo Vs Wild Dogs

Hippos and wild dogs rarely meet in the wild, simply because hippos live mostly in the water and wild dogs are not crazy about water. But there are moments when their paths will cross especially if it involves prey. Watch this hippo charge a bunch of wild dogs trying to make a kill. Another hippo seems like he’s trying to save an impala from some wild dogs by delicately trying to grab the impala with its mouth, but the dogs are pulling their own way. What’s amazing is that the hippos never seem to want to hurt the vegetarians.

Even twenty or thirty wild dogs, although they are expert hunters, could not damage a hippo. The hippo is so massive, and its skin is so thick, not one dog would dare approach the hippo close enough to bite it, afraid the hippo would sink its huge canines into its body. Wild dogs seem to meet hippos always in the same circumstances. Some herbivore is swimming in the water to stay away from the dogs and a hippo happens to be there. The hippo doesn’t attack the dogs, but it keeps them on their guard. In this last clip, a wild dog has actually jumped into the water to kill an impala and the hippo isn’t doing anything about it.

Giraffes Vs Lions

Lions will rarely attack giraffes because they know the amount of work and stamina that’s required to take down a full-grown giraffe. Sometimes, though, when food is scarce, they go after what’s available and lions have no choice but to hunt giraffes. As you can see in this first clip, this is no easy feat. Just watch this giraffe trample this lion repeatedly. One lion alone against one giraffe has no chance in hell. Even several lions will have a difficult time taking down a giraffe as you can see in this footage where the lions are getting kicked in the face more often than none.

If the lions are not capable of getting in close to the giraffe, then the risk of death for the lions is greater. With one kick, a lion can die on the spot. When the pride finally takes down a giraffe, it will fill their tummies for days, so it’s a great catch for the entire family, but it’s not an easy one. Just look at the strength of this giraffe. With one lion on its back and three of them biting at its legs, the giraffe remains stoic and takes on the challenge without making a sound.