I Am Wearing Diapers At 17

I Am Wearing Diapers At 17

Hey, my name is Marie, and, in this video, you’ll find out how I told the guy I was dating that I still wear diapers, even though I’m 17 years old.

I guess you’re wondering why I’m wearing diapers. Well, when I was a kid, I was in a serious car accident that left me with nerve damage in my lower spine. I had to have a lot of physical therapy to help me recover, and I also lost control of my bladder. Ever since, I’ve had to wear diapers.

I sometimes feel ashamed about my condition, even though I know it’s not my fault. And I never told anyone at school about it because I knew I’d be bullied.

That’s also why I hate PE classes. I don’t want any of my classmates to see my diapers when I change clothes. Luckily, I got a special permission to use a private changing room. I’m so grateful for that, even though I get teased for thinking I’m more important than everyone else, but I don’t mind.

I’m also always wearing long, flowy dresses at school, but no one knows why. I tell them it’s because I like to look classy, but really, it’s because if I was wearing jeans, everyone would see my diapers.

My biggest worry was about dating though. Would any guy ever love me despite my condition? And would I ever be brave enough to tell a guy about my secret?

I wasn’t sure, but then something tragic happened… A year ago, one of my classmates was diagnosed with a brain tumor and passed away. Her death put everything into perspective and I realised how lucky I was and how short life could be. I mean, I could have died instead of her.

After that, I decided not to be afraid of dating anymore and I joined an online dating site. The first few guys I met were really weird and I began to regret joining the site, but then I got lucky and I met a really nice guy.

His name is Mason and we’d been dating for around six months when I decided I had to tell him about my condition.

I told him we needed to talk, and he got really nervous because he thought I wanted to break up with him. When I told him about my condition and showed him my diapers, he was shocked, but he was still really sweet about it. He asked why I wore diapers, so I told him about the car accident and my nerve damage.

I was so nervous because I didn’t know if he’d want to stay with a girl in diapers. I mean, if he wanted to break up, I’d completely understand it, even though I’d be devastated.

But then he said something which made me cry. He said he loved me for who I am, and my condition wasn’t a problem for him because as long as I was happy, he’d be happy too.

Wow, I can’t describe how grateful I am to have Mason in my life. He accepts me the way I am and for the first time in my life, I feel like I’m good enough.
I mean, of course I still wish I didn’t have to wear diapers, but in the end, so what? I can still have a great life surrounded by beautiful people like Mason.

Just remember that only you can decide how you react to the challenges you face. Do you wear diapers and feel sorry for yourself or do you wear diapers and make the most of life? It’s all up to you.

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