25 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever!

25 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever!

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25 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever!

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25 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever!
Let’s not prolong the vertigo and let’s get right on it! Here are 25 of the most dangerous selfies ever

Number 25. On The Roof

On The Roofs is a couple of daredevils whose sole mission in life is to scale the highest man-made
objects in the world, and take selfies. Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov travel all over the world just
to climb buildings and take selfies. The photo you are seeing right now is the couple taking a selfie on
the highest point of Shenzen Center in China. Of course, they are doing this illegally. Check out their
website ontheroofs.com to see more of the pair’s exploits.

24. Dude, There’s a Train Behind You

Parking your car in the middle of train tracks is not a good idea. Parking your car in the middle of train
tracks while there’s an approaching train is an even worse idea. Parking your car in the middle of train

tracks while there’s a train coming, then you exit your vehicle to take a selfie, probably the worst idea
anyone has ever thought of. But hey, the selfie’s quite good so risking your life was worth it?
23. Speaking of Trains

Didn’t your mom ever tell you to never stand too close to the train tracks especially when there’s a train
coming? Apparently, this guy on the photo’s mom probably forgot to tell him that.
Jared Michael thought it would be a good idea to take a selfie while a train is passing behind him.
Unfortunately for him, he stood a little too close to the tracks. The boot the you see here hitting Jared’s
face was the conductor’s. After the incident, Jared admitted that it was a stupid idea.

22. Couple Goals

Angela Nikolau and her and her boyfriend is a very unique couple. In some aspects, they’re just like any
other couple out there; they enjoy hanging out together, watching movies, the occasional fancy dinner,
etc. But what makes them unique is the fact they are quite the daredevils. What you are seeing is a
selfie that they took while sitting on top of the highest crane in Hong Kong, bringing no climbing gear at
all. They did bring the most essential tool of all though which is, obviously, the selfie stick.

21. Shark-fies

Swimming with sharks is dangerous. However, leave it to this guy to take it up a notch by having selfies
with them as well.
Avid scuba diver and professional photographer Aaron Gegoski went on a divetrip to swim with Oceanic
Blacktip Sharks. Not the most ferocious of all sharks, but still quite dangerous if you annoy them. It’s a
good thing that these sharks don’t mind selfies, as Aaron sure toll a lot of them.

20. Alexander Remnev

Alexander Remnev is a nineteen-year-old guy from Moscow. He has been climbing on rooftoops since
the tender age of 14. The photographer traveled to Hong Kong, Paris, Barcelona, and Dubai... just to find
tall buildings and make his way up to the roofs of these skyscrapers.
Here you see him taking a photo with a couple of his friends on top of The Center, a 364-meter-high
skyscraper, which is the fifth tallest building in Hong Kong.

19. Watch That Wind

When in San Francisco, California—you take duck lip selfies on top of buildings, obviously. At least, that's
what Benjamin Wong does.
He's eerily close to the edge as he stands on top of a building and takes a classic selfie with the city
views in the background. We don't want to think about what would have happened if it was a really
windy day or if he lost his balance a bit. Yikes, that would not be a good fall.

13. Luxor-al-Hurghada Road
So far most of the entries on our list have been dangerous due mostly to the potential of a crash, but number 13 is dangerous for a different reason altogether. This Egyptian road connects 2 major tourist centers, the ancient city of Luxor, and Hurghada, the regional hub for scuba diving resorts. Because the road connects 2 tourist hotspots it stands to reason the road is frequented by tourists….but also common on the road are bandits and terrorists who frequently rob and execute drivers, the peak of violence on this road was during the late 1990’s to give you an idea just how bad it was, in 1997 62 german tourists were massacred by just 6 Islamic gunmen.

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