Twin Flames, Soulmates, and Love (Part 2/3) l Jayne Evelyn

Published by : Jayne Evelyn
Twin Flames, Soulmates, and Love is a video series providing compassionate, honest insight into the psychology and spiritual dynamics between different types of loving connections.

In this series, we discuss an expansive understanding of love and some of the many ways it manifests, from platonic to romantic to familial, and how to negotiate with the twin flame experience if the connection you're being offered does not align with your sexuality.

This episode specifically talks about some misconceptions around twin flames, the intensity that arises in those connections, unwell twin flame energy, having multiple (infinite!) twin flames, psychic awakenings and specific invitations.

Jayne draws upon her personal experience, psychic abilities, and cosmic awareness to offer support and encourage open conversations about love, time travel, parallel worlds, multi-dimensional reality, aliens, healing, creativity, community, trauma, joy, playfulness, children, inclusiveness, magic, and connection.
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