Here's how to destroy your marriage on Family Feud!

Here's how to destroy your marriage on Family Feud!

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Here are the all-time funniest marriage-ending answers on Family Feud! Steve Harvey says these are the dumbest things they could have said!

DISCLAIMER: no couples were actually harmed during the making of this video.

0:00 Ex-girlfriend
0:17 Best answer!
0:34 Dumbest answer!
0:54 Distract him!
01:20 No he didn't!
01:37 Get out?
01:54 Least favorite body part?
02:13 Take my wife!
02:31 Fingers where I can see them!
02:48 Clothes on please, baby!
03:25 Nancy loses it!
03:45 We're not divorced! Yet?
04:01 What's that smell?
04:26 Straight to the dog house!
04:47 Dirty job!
05:26 Santa Claus retires.
05:44 Let's trade!
06:38 She needs lessons!
08:19 Audition for Family Feud!


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