Bubba Wallace: The Tiger Woods of NASCAR | I AM ATHLETE with Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson & More

Bubba Wallace: The Tiger Woods of NASCAR | I AM ATHLETE with Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson & More

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Switching gears, I Am Athlete takes a left turn and joins Nascar in telling the story of the Best Season Ever starting off the I Am Nascar series sitting down with Bubba Wallace.

The discussion tracks over various topics including the highly-publicized incident where a noose was found in Bubba's garage, NASCAR’s confederate flag controversy, what it's like racing for Michael Jordan and the danger of the sport itself.

But before it all gets going, Brandon asks the burning question of how does a black man fall in love with Nascar while Chad falls in love with Bubba as they bond over McDonalds being their goto. Channing lets Bubba know right away that he doesn't view him or any race car driver as an athlete and places Nascar drivers in the same category as golfers and kickers- the non athletes of professional sports! Bubba fires back that Channing could never do what he does on any level and would look like a scared cat behind the wheel.

Fred expresses his admiration for the craft and the pressure of driving 175mph for hours with no breaks and perfect concentration while the group poses the question asking if the thought of dying comes into play as he gets behind the wheel every Sunday.

Bubba relates racing to football in the sense that you never know when it could be your last drive, so you give it all you have and never live in fear. After busting Bubba's chops about left turns, not being able to use the bathroom during races and the lifestyle of drivers, Channing changes his tone sharing his utmost respect for Bubba as the person who will forever be associated with changing the sport of Nascar through cultural impact and being a role model for children all over the world. Bubba is the Tiger Woods of racing because of forever changing the scope of the sport and history.

Chef Nancie, a fan of Nascar most of her life, is excited to have Bubba on the episode and surprises him with his favorite meal based on doing her research. Of course this leads to the Ocho vs Science debate and what we put in our body vs what we don't.

Buckle up and prepare to go fast as this discussion will lead you on a journey into a world you'll love to learn more about.

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