Jessi Smiles, Trisha Paytas, Alx James, & Beyonce

Published by : Gabbie Hanna
Over the last few months, I've chosen not to respond publicly because I don't feel that personal conflict should be resolved on a stage. I'm making this video because by not responding, I've sent the message that I would accept it. While Jessi is the only one of the people I mentioned that chose to bring my name into her thumbnail and tags again, I knew I couldn't address one without the others. This is is no way to disparage or "expose" anybody, I just felt it was time to defend myself against the accusations made against me.

I know the timing might feel suspicious as my EP comes out tonight, but I only decided to make this video after Jessi posted hers- I had no idea that she would bring it up again. I'm ready to focus on my art, continue to make music and music videos, and put my energy into the things that bring me happiness.
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