Nintendo 64 Longplay [002] Mario Kart 64

Published by : World-of-Longplays

Played by: Mad-Matt

Not a particularly fun version of the game with the relentless ai always ready to steal 1st place. The only saving grace is that the same ai car doesn't win each race of the gp. I have however shown all 8 characters across the 8 gp races (forwards and backwards.

Unfortunately I'm not skilled enough at the awful power sliding mechanic so I couldn't show the unlocked staff ghost cars in the time trials. Just the 150cc and extra gp races for the Ending sequence.

Just to add even more controversy, I do think Crash team Racing on PS1 was a better game with its story and boss races tying together each of the race areas.

00:00:00 150cc championship
01:00:55 Extra GP

Game played in bizhawk with Glide MK2 plugin with default settings.
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