Toto Wolff defining the mindset and culture of a winning F1 team | High Performance Podcast

Toto Wolff defining the mindset and culture of a winning F1 team | High Performance Podcast

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🚨 Toto Wolff 🚨

We welcome Team Principal & CEO of Mercedes-AMG F1, Toto Wolff, to the podcast!

An entrepreneur, an investor and a former racer - Toto has led Mercedes-AMG F1 to seven consecutive Formula One Double World Championships. 🤯

There is so much to learn from this episode from Toto.

✅ Values needed for success
✅ Turning Mercedes around
✅ The mindset to work at Mercedes
✅ Driver rivalry in the team
✅ Optimising the process

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Timestamps ⏱
00:38​​​ What is high performance
01:39 Developing mindset
09:39 Creating culture at Mercedes
24:46 People VS Processes
33:16 Toto's innovation at Mercedes
42:04 Characteristics to being a high performer
45:30 Handling drivers rivalries within Mercedes
49:31 Being clear on what you won't do
56:41 Quickfire questions

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