How do you transport a giraffe across the ditch?

Published by : Auckland Zoo
Our newest arrival too the zoo whānau is 17-month-old Billy who recently travelled via ship from our friends at Australia Zoo to reach his new home in Auckland.

International travel (especially with a species of this stature!) involves shiploads of logistics and an experienced team to accompany the young bull. Along on the 4-day journey with him was Kat, a Senior Africa Keeper from Australia Zoo who has looked after Billy his entire life; Jerome, a vet kindly loaned to us from Zoos South Australia; and our very own Senior Ungulates Keeper Ben, who travelled to Australia Zoo a few days prior.

Billy also had a large welcoming party when he arrived at the port with specialise staff from Auckland Zoo, Ministry of Primary Industries, Ports of Auckland, Customs, ATWF and PBS Transport that were there in order to safely bring our male giraffe to his new home.

You can see Billy with our three female giraffe in the African Savannah, and it’s our hope that in time there could be more additions to our giraffe family!

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