Satisfying Foam Wash - Jeep Trackhawk Exterior Auto Detailing

Satisfying Foam Wash - Jeep Trackhawk Exterior Auto Detailing

Like foam washes? Me too! In todays video we give this brand new Jeep Trackhawk a foam wash. This vehicle only has 22KM on the odometer and will be receiving a new car ceramic coating package. However in this video we just document the initial wash process, which included a deep wheel cleaning using a dedicated iron remover, followed by a wheel/tire cleaner diluted in the IK Foam 1.5. After the wheels were free of debris the vehicle gets foamed down to make the hand washing process much safer and easier. We end the video after drying the paint. This was followed by Iron removal on the paint and a light clay bar before entering a couple stages of polishing. These steps are not shown as I wanted to spotlight the foam aspect of the wash! Let me know what you guys think! And as always, thank you for watching!

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All of the products in this video:

Meguiars Car Shampoo(Foam):
Wheel Cleaner - P&S Brake Buster:
Clay Lubricant - Optimum No Rinse:

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