IS THIS COP a HACKER? Project Zorgo Undercover Disguise as a Police Officer at Regina Parents House

Published by : Vy Qwaint

After Chad Wild Clay made REGINA'S PARENTS SECRET REVEAL! Paying a Surprising Visit to their Safe House Searching for Clues, Vy Qwaint created REGINA vs SPY NINJAS! Hacker Tennis Battle Challenge of Unexpected Trick Shots for Secret Files, and Daniel uploaded REGINA IS STUCK! Spending 24 Hours Finding Our Best Friend in the Most Mysterious Halloween Place to the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel, a note from PZ9 lead the Spy Ninjas to Regina's parents' home! There, Daniel, Chad, Vy, and Regina found the place abandoned! Mysterious clues keep the Spy Ninjas guessing, and they think Regina's parents might be missing! They call the police to file a report, but the officer doesn't believe what Chad, Vy, Daniel, and Regina are telling him. He thinks they broke into the home and arrests them for trespassing! The officer even took Vy's expensive diamond wedding ring as evidence! Another cop shows up on the scene and thinks the first officer might be a fake! Who is the real cop? Will the Spy Ninjas be thrown in jail? Will Vy ever get her ring back? Is Project Zorgo involved? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!

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