Police acting illegally? | Lawyer Reacts

Police acting illegally? | Lawyer Reacts

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I apologize for mumbling and the lack of graphics. I made this video very quickly due to a lot of people requesting immediate analysis.

After watching the video for myself, I just wanted to make a couple of points clear. I did not discuss the warrant issue in depth because the point I was trying to make is whether or not the gentlement had a warrant out for his arrest is irrelevant (not really but for a lack of better words). That is because his failure to get out of the car upon the police officer's orders is likely enough to arrest him regardless of the existence of a warrant.

AGAIN, I do not know why the police decided to identify the passanger in a traffic stop... I do not know why they decided to use the level of force they did... BUT I do know they have the right to conduct an investigation and they can order indivudals out of a vehicle.

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