Opening My Own Candy Store at Home to Trap Queen in Backyard! | Rebecca Zamolo

Published by : Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo tried switching lives with my twin for a day to trick Daniel in a 24 hour challenge, then Matt and Rebecca had Matt go on a first date with Mr X in disguise to reveal secret gifs and funny memes. In the real Game Master video it revealed we found someone living in the secret room inside our house with Queen of Gems Secrets In the GM Lair. Rebecca decides to trap the Queen of gems by opening her own candy store in her backyard. She can’t hear us in the tiny house so we need to sneak in to reveal the plan. Once all of the candy is in place we need to distract AL so we can get the queen of gems outside to trap her. Rebecca and Maddie test real food vs gummy food and eat giant gummies. Matt talks with AL and does a fake prank with shaving cream and a cone. Instead of Rebecca eating it Maddie takes a quick bite and is tricked. Next, cousin Maddie and Matt make the worlds largest cotton candy. Rebecca bakes cookies but one goes missing. Next round Matt and Rebecca do the first to finish the snow cone wins. It's a giant diy challenge in their backyard. Peanut tries to help but no one wins and they are forced to do the slip n slide Olympics. Rebecca and Maddie make a giant ice cream sundae slip n slide and the queen sneaks outside. Can we trap her in time to trick Al and rescue RZ and the game master? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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