Top 10 OUT of This WORLD Facts about SPACE

Top 10 OUT of This WORLD Facts about SPACE

William Shatner hit the nail on the head when he uttered the famous phrase, “Space, the final frontier.” Why? Well, contrary to what some scientists will have you believe, space remains mankind’s final and rather obscure frontier. After all there is so much we have yet to understand about space, and much that we thought we knew is starting to look ‘shaky’.

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10. Water Pools In Space
9. It Would Take 225 Million Years To Walk A Light Year
8. Eros Asteroid Of Riches
7. There Are 1,397 Known Asteroids That Could End Mankind
6. The International Space Station Travels At Five Miles A Second
5. There Are More Stars Than Words Spoken
4. The Moon Suffers From Moonquakes
3. Planet HD189733b
2. The Earth Has More Than One Moon
1. There Are Less Than Nine Planets In Our Solar System

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