I Got Hacked *Live* While Streaming Skeppy’s - Challenge

I Got Hacked *Live* While Streaming Skeppy’s - Challenge

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Yep... This Actually Happened to me during Skeppy's Challenge Video.

The Objective Of this minecraft challenge was simple. Skeppy Trapped 100 Kids In a Bedrock Box, and released the Terminator to try and kill everyone. The Last Person Standing was victorious. The Terminator in this video was MegaPvp!

We Were Doing Pretty well in this Mine Craft Skeppy Challenge Until Something very unexpected happened. I Might have gotten hacked in front of 2,000 Live Viewers When I was Streaming the Challenge on Youtube Gaming...

Ps. This Hack Had to be a lot more complex than the twitter hack that happened a few days ago. I'm sure of it!

I Upload Alot of Skeppy Challenges so make sure to check all those other videos out!

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